UCLA’s Language and Literacy Research Group, led by Alison Bailey, Ed.D, is a group of MA and PhD students in the School of Education and Information Studies (SE&IS). The Language and Literacy Research Group advances research in the areas of language and literacy development of children primarily between the ages of 3 and 18 from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Our work focuses on major moderators and mediators of these developments, including social, cognitive, and educational factors.  We publish and present in a variety of venues and our findings support the work of teachers, teacher-educators, administrators, and policy-makers, as well as inform the efforts of parents to foster rich language and literacy experiences for children and adolescents.

Our Values

Members of the Language and Literacy Research Group conduct applied research intended to address the needs of students and families in Southern California, the broader US, and overseas. Drawing on both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, our work bridges academic research and educational practice. As such, we value academic inquiry that addresses the needs of populations who are underrepresented in prior research and underserved in their schools. This includes students who are developing English as an additional language, developing languages other than English, or experiencing difficulties with the acquisition of language and literacy.

We aim to create a collaborative environment within our research group. Members of our group value transparency and communication among multiple stakeholders, including researchers, parents, and educators. To ensure that our work positively impacts the schools and communities that have allowed us to conduct our research, we strive to disseminate our findings to teachers and families in accessible formats.

Much of our work is made possible thanks to the cooperation of teachers, administrators, and students at a number of institutions in Los Angeles and elsewhere. We would like to give special thanks to the UCLA Lab School, the UCLA Community Schools, and surrounding school districts for their continued collaboration and support.