PhD students

Michelle Luna (2022)

Ph.D. in Psychology, UCLA
M.A. in Psychology, UCLA
M.A. in Romance Languages & Literature, University of Notre Dame
B.A. in Psychology and French, University of Notre Dame

Current Position: Post-Doctoral Researcher at University of Notre-Dame

Alejandra Martin (2022)

Ph.D. in Education – Human Development & Psychology 
B.A. in Sociology  – University of California, Berkeley

Current Position: Researcher at AIR

Marlen Quintero Perez (2022)

Ph.D. in Education – Human Development & Psychology
B.A. in English (Chicana/o Studies & Education minor) – University of California, Los Angeles

Current Position: Faculty at California State University – Northridge

Amy Woodbridge (2021)

Ph.D. student in Education – Human Development and Psychology
B.A. in Linguistics, English – University of Pennsylvania

Current Position: Research Associate in Early Childhood Learning and Development at WestEd

Karla Rivera-Torres (2020)
Ph.D. in Education – Human Development and Psychology 
B.S. in Psychology (French minor) – Barry University



Anne Blackstock-Bernstein (2019)
Ph.D. in Education – Human Development and Psychology
M.A. in Education – University of California, Los Angeles
B.A. in Psychology, Education Studies, Sociology – Brandeis University

Dissertation: Children’s Individual Language Experiences: A Multilevel Analysis of Language Use in Head Start Classrooms
Current Position: Lead Data Analyst at Center for Improving Child Care Quality

Eve Ryan (2019)
Ph.D. in Education – Human Development and Psychology

Dissertation: Examining the influence of out-of-school input on the lexical development of early-elementary students in a French-English dual immersion program

Current Position: Faculty at University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Laura Rhinehart (2019)
Ph.D. in Education – Human Development & Psychology 
M.Ed. in Urban Education – University of California, Los Angeles
B.A. in Philosophy – University of California, Santa Barbara

Dissertation: Predictors, Profiles, and Policies: Analyzing Students in Special Education across Three Studies
Current Position: Assistant Researcher at Center for Dyslexia, Diverse Learners, and Social Justice

Rachel Zwass (2018)
Dissertation: The Home Literacy Environment: A Qualitative Investigation of School-Aged Children
Current Position: Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant at Honu Fundraising

Natpat Chanjavanakul (2017)
Dissertation: Learning English Beyond Classroom: A Qualitative Study of High School Students’ Out-of-class English Learning Practices
Current Position:Instructor at Nevada State College

Kate Riedell (2016)
Dissertation: Understanding Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment within Eighth Grade Science Classrooms for Special Needs Students
Current Position: Research Analyst, First 5 LA

Patty Carroll (2015)
Dissertation: A Mixed Methods Study of Data Use and Policy Implementation: English Language Proficiency Classification, Reclassification, and Educational Programming Decisions for Kindergarten-Twelfth Grade Language Minority Students in One California School District

Anna Osipova (2015)
Dissertation: Academic Language Self-Reflection and Coaching Training of Pre-service Special Education Teachers in the Context of Content Area Writing Instruction
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Division of Special Education and Counseling, California State University, Los Angeles

Sandy Chang (2013)
Dissertation: Academic Language Knowledge and Comprehension of Science Text for English Language Learners and Fluent English-Speaking Students
Current Position: Project Manager, National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST)

Yiching Huang (2013)
Dissertation: Examining Children’s Language Experiences Across Pre-K Classroom Activity Settings

Kimberly Reynolds Kelly (2011)
Dissertation: The Influence of Attachment on Mother-Child Narrative Co-Construction and Young Children’s Narrative Abilities
Current Position: Associate Professor of Human Development, California State University, Long Beach

MA students

MASTER Students

Laura Machado (2021)

Junyao Zhang (2021)

Xin (Jenny) Wen (2019)

Carla Kekejian (2017)

Cindy Hsin-Yu Lee (2017)

Rak Qijun Yang (2017)

Nathalie Karimian (2016)

Lichao Sun (2016)